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Wardrobe Valets

Valor is a personal styling and shopping service for men.

We offer curated inspiration and deliver custom clothing, shoes and accessories for every occasion.

Our experienced valets understand the connection between looking good and looking capable.
— Michael Jacobs, Founder

Our Collection

One Stop Shop

Complete range of clothing, shoes and accessories for every occasion.


Custom Crafted

Made especially for you in collaboration with some of the finest makers in Italy.



Various price levels based on the quality of the materials level of craftsmanship.


Our Services

Personal Shopping

Custom inspiration based on what you need and your budget.


Personal Styling

Outfits tailored to your fit and style preferences.


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Our Benefits

The Luxury of Time

If shopping is not your thing, have our valets do it for you.


The Confidence of Expert Service

If you would like to do better, have our valets guide you.


The Convenience of Custom Crafted

Knowing that there is a lot to choose from, that you don’t have to comprise on your design preferences and that the fitting of your orders will be consistent.


The Smartness of Fair Value

Because we engage with you and our makers directly.

We take pride in supporting your confidence and credibility.
— Joshua Byrne, Head Valet
Private Showroom, Amsterdam

We’d love to work with you.