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Wardrobe Valets


Welcome to Valor


Thank you for taking the time to read our story. You've been referred by a close friend or colleague because he or she thinks our ideas might be of interest to you and you are willing to give us feedback.

 At Valor we are re-imagining the traditional retail model based on a few transformative ideas. Below you find a short introduction to these ideas. I look forward to discussing our ideas in person and get your feedback.


Hope to see you soon,


Michael Jacobs


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Target Audience


What if...


We don't see an opportunity in maximising but in minimising our audience.

We focus on a limited amount of clients with similar challenges and needs {leaders}.

There won't be a need to dumb it down, average it out and please everyone.


In stead our story, our offer and our impact will all get better.



Core Offer


What if...


Our offer is not just a collection of products but also includes services that improve the process and result of shopping.

We focus on profiling our clients and designing exclusive personal collections, custom crafted for every individual.

There won't be a need to spend time on shopping and styling in the traditional way anymore.


In stead we maintain appearance / presence in a way it makes our clients feel confident and makes them look credible and capable. 


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Business Model


What if...


Our goal is not maximising profit but maximising value.

We focus on developing a solution that makes our revenue and gross margin secure instead of insecure.

There won't be a need to over-charge and allocate margin to costs that add little value to the individual member.


Instead we can re-allocate our margin to things our members truly value.





What if...


We don't get out of bed every day just to sell products but in everything we do believe in empowering people to succeed with confidence and credibility.

We focus our marketing budget on creating a platform that gives back in the form of content and cash.

There won't be a need to create another expensive marketing campaign that adds very little value.


In stead our brand and marketing efforts will have purpose and meaning. Made possible by all of us.