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Wardrobe Valets

Valor is on a mission to become the most sustainable fashion company in three years by continuously challenging the system and improving the process, the product and the lifecycle.

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Our Mission

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world! The main reason is that the system determines that production is done before it is sold. Preferably as often as possible, as cheaply as possible and as much as possible. With all its consequences.

Valor changes the system by reversing it. At the beginning of the chain we first personally inspire our customers and then only produce what has been sold. At the end of the chain we collect the clothing, shoes and accessories after an agreed period and recycle them.

With our suppliers in Italy we guarantee the quality, the working conditions and the conscious handling of the environment. The small distance between both the production of materials and products limits our emissions.

As soon as we have sufficient volume, we are capable of sourcing and producing the materials we work in an optimal transparant and sustainable manner.


Our Vision

According to the book Executive Presence by Sylvia Ann Hewitt, successful leadership is for 5% determined by appearance.

Despite the low percentage, an appropriate appearance can be an important tool because it is the filter through which knowledge and communication are assessed. Not to mention it supports self-confidence, credibility and the perception of quality.

Ideas don’t have impact, people and growth do.
— Michael Jacobs, Founder

So valuable in leadership and achievement. Yet many men lack the priority, time and knowledge to properly manage their appearance.

An easy solution for this "problem" offers a business opportunity and an opportunity to initiate change.


Our Strategy

We have committed ourselves and are driven to succeed in our mission. We cannot do it alone and believe in sustainable change driven by customers who see their needs fulfilled or their dreams come true.

This knife cuts on both sides. As we grow, our impact grows too.

Valor strives to be the company of choice for business leaders and their wardrobe
— Michael Jacobs, Founder

Do you value our products and services and want to support our mission?