Suit Blue - Look 3

Suit Blue - Look 3



61% Linen / 31% Cotton / 1% Elastan

495 Gram

Fabric by Loro Liana

Custom Crafted in Italy

From 1.189,-


100% Linen

Fabric by Thomas Mason

Custom Crafted in Italy

From 289,-


100% Silk

Product by F. Marino

Custom Crafted in Italy

From 89,-


100% Leather - Suede

Product by Carmina

Custom Crafted in Mallorca

From 539,-

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This selection is only meant to give you an idea of our product range, material collections and pricing. We offer different price levels based on the level of craftsmanship and the quality of the material. As we tailor everything especially for you, we have a lot to choose from. The great thing about custom tailoring is that your choices will always be available and that there is no need for compromises on your size and design preferences.